The Alpha Experience


Ten total hours of leadership training.  Endless benefits and leadership lessons.  Alpha Leadership.

Each week, we met with our same alpha lead group.  I was fortunate to be a part of the Blue “Om Nom Nommies.” Our mascot was Cookie Monster from the popular kids television show, Sesame Street. Alpha had a different theme every week, including “throwback” and day, “color” day.  The theme’s were just for fun- it was the activities planned for each day that made Alpha such a memorable experience. From an exciting day full of different team-bonding challenges to a simulation that illustrated the importance of breaking barriers, each day was packed full of useful leadership training activities. The day I drew the most from was when we defined our leadership styles.  Analyzing this information helped me understand what I excelled at, and furthermore, what I could work on to balance myself out as an effective leader.  I was categorized as “spirit,” with “systematic” as a close second.

A spirited leader, by our group’s definition, is vocal, encouraging, radiant, optimistic, and so much more.  I believe that I encompass these traits, so it’s no surprise that I was categorized this way.  Furthermore, systematic leaders were classified as analytical, planned-process reliant, and structural.  I usually identify myself as these traits above all else, so seeing that I almost fell under this category was not a shock.  According to the program Alpha used, my weakest leadership style, was “considerate.”  This caught me off guard, because I consider myself a considerate person.  The “considerate” group presented their style as patient, collected, and as the type of people who like to listen.

I plan to take the lessons I learned through Alpha under consideration every day from here on out.  I will continue to utilize my strengths as a spirited and systematic leader.  Furthermore, I am consciously making efforts to enhance my consideration leadership style attributes!

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