Enter: A Leader’s Mind

Introduction to Psychology broadly covers many aspects of psychology.  We learned about internal responses caused by anatomical factors within the body, emotions, relationships, developmental stages, mental illnesses, and more.  Our LAS Cohort took this course together, so we were always studying and collaborating together in Barnes Hall.

Our professor, Prewitt, assigned an essay that goes along with the class.  We were required to write  about a page on each chapter from our book and how it relates to leadership.  Some chapters are far easier to relate the two topics than with other.  For example, it was much easier to write on how relationships correlates, rather than how human anatomy relates to leadership.

I really enjoyed the chapter that went over the brain processes.  Delving into the mind of a leader is something I love doing, which is why I’m always picking my roommates brain.  Getting to learn about the different parts of the brain and their individual influences on behaviors and emotions was intriguing.

Having to write on each topic, no matter how difficult or easy, has put leadership into thirteen new perspectives for me.  It was interesting having to combine my ideas of leadership with different aspects of psychology, and I look forward to applying these new ideas in my leadership style, and furthermore, my every day life.

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