Lend a Hand

Service to the public was made a priority of mine early in life; since my days in the womb, I helped make the community a more enjoyable place.  My mom is director of Parks and Recreation in Clinton Township, Michigan, and while severely pregnant with me, she was out putting on events in the october chill, trying to better the lives of residents in her township.  Because of my mom’s display of persistent determination and desire to serve others, I have lived my life doing the same.

I started actually volunteering with my mom’s programs as early as the fifth grade.  I would help put on family events, such as Trick-or-Treat trails, Christmas tree Lightings, and worked on summer day-camps.  In middle and high school, I began to volunteer more with my church. I have worked in soup kitchens, second-hand shops, and helped organize a hostile-like event for the homeless in the basement of our church.

My absolute favorite volunteer experiences has been with a group called The College Volunteer Facilitator Corps.  CVFC is a sub-group of Michigan’s Association Of Student Government and Honor Societies.  The group works with high school and middle school students state wide to promote positive and effective leadership.  We host and facilitate experiences that are unrivaled; the students grow and learn about their own leadership styles and how to apply themselves to better their communities.  Furthermore, while working with these students, whether it be at summer camp, a fall training institute, or the state-confrence, I learn more and more about myself and my own leadership style.

Once I figure out how to manage my time better, I am excited to start volunteering on campus.  I am currently sitting on a wait-list for alternative spring-break, and have been talking with my roommate about working at an animal shelter for a little.

Service is and will always be important to me; giving back to the communities that build me up is necessary and self-fulfilling.  Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing my impact better the lives of others.

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