Memoirs of a Man and his Shovel

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Being wedged between five Great Lakes has its ups and downs; any Michigander would agree to that.  Spending one day in 40 degree weather and then the next, swamped in snow at below zero is definitely a low (for the most part; that’s right, I’m looking at you, snow days.)

Snow, while beautiful on trees and rooftops assuredly, is a pain in the driveway and the streets.  Over the course of 24 hours, my family suited up to shovel the driveway a total of six times.  Six.  Each time, the snow had piled itself to about five inches tall.  Six.  This is no exaggeration.  Being able to point at your hand as an easy way to share your geographical location does not compensate for having to shovel your driveway several times in one day; not to mention, it’s -7 degrees outside.  C’mon, Michigan.


While shoveling and re-shoveling…

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