Leaders in Curent Events: Justin Bieber

Originally from Canada, Ryan Porter has lived in and explored countless corners of this globe.  His adventurous behavior was induced by haunting questions like, “What do you wish to be when you grow up.”  Ryan realized that there is so much more to life than becoming something.  So, he took the alternative rout, that path that society tells you always leads to failure.  Ryan dropped out of university to experience the world.

I first listened to Ryan speak at a leadership conference I attended during my junior year of high school.  His keynote touched on how important it is to take control of your life.  Ask yourself your own questions.  Find the answers to them yourself.  Negate the social norms, because they aren’t designed for everyone! Ryan is a leader in the most positive social rebellion of which I’ve heard.  He hops that, by encouraging youth to identify what’s important to them as individuals, they will discover an “epic life full of epicness.”

After he got down speaking, my student council advisers leaned over to me and said, “David, that is you in the future.”  I thought about this for a second; Ryan Porter was easily the coolest key note speaker I’ve listened to, so how could I possibly be like him?

I bought his book, and it came in the mail about a week later, signed.  After reading (and then rereading) it, “Make Your Own Lunch,” became my mantra.  Ryan further inspired me to take control of my own life and make it worthwhile for me.

Ryan Porter is a leader.  He enables others to act by giving them the tools they need to help outline their priorities.  Furthermore, Ryan stresses the importance individualism.  After facebook messaging him and receiving a signed copy of his book, he proved to be personally invested in making connections along the way. People want to follow Ryan because he is humorous, interesting, and over all, incredibly sincere.  His twitter account is full of cool updates on where he is now and what he’s up to.  Often times, he updates us on the crazy foreign cuisine he is consuming.

As a junior in high school, it was powerful stuff, hearing that “you can change the direction of your life,” and reading about “how to make your life awesome.”  Being compared to him was one of the biggest compliments in my entire life; his experience are truly awe inspiring, and totally line up with my current BE goal!  Each day since that conference three years ago, I have worked at tightening my grip on the reigns of my life, and steering myself in my own personal and right direction. Because of Ryan, my lunch keeps getting better and better.

Justin Bieber is not a leader; however, he still seems to make headlines everywhere.  CNN remarked his recent actions as “Breaking News.”  I decided that Justin could take my headline, as well. You see, headlines, brief and bold, are all that celebrities like Justin deserve anyway.  Leaders such as Ryan Porter, wouldn’t even mind to give up the headline, and furthermore, wouldn’t ask for stories written about them.  However, these noteworthy people deserve spotlight more than they are willing to admit; therefore, thank you Ryan, for being an inspiration.


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