Give Back

Reflecting on LDR 200, I recall my favorite memory to be the LAS in The D Trip:

As a student in high school, I was offered countless opportunities to excel individually.  My school offered a variety of advanced classes taught by dedicated and personal teachers, clubs catering to just about any area of interest, and an administrative staff that encouraged personal development.  I took full advantage of these resources by throwing myself into five AP classes, participated in two varsity sports, joined and actively participated in several groups, and served as president of my building’s student body.  My school is located in a supportive and forward thinking community; however, not all schools are like the one I was blessed to grow up in.

The main purpose of this upcoming service trip to the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy with my LAS cohort is to aid students at a school with less opportunity to better themselves as leaders.  We will be embarking on a trip to help students grow as individuals, learn to facilitate, and have fun while doing so!  Through workshops and initiatives, the students of Jalen Rose will have the opportunity to identify their own leadership self, just as I did in high school.  This is what I am truly passionate about, and I am beyond excited to work alongside these students for the weekend.  If I can impact these student’s in a way that helps them connect with themselves on a deeper level,  I will consider this trip a success.

After our time spent at Jalen Rose, we will be helping demolish a house in the surrounding community. I am grateful this trip will finally be a reality, because I have been thinking eagerly about it for some time now.  It’s exciting for me to be downtown with LAS and positively taking charge in a Michigan community.

I will definitely be posting after the trip to give detail about how it went!  Stay tuned!

This song fits this post, because I am so stoked to have fun with my cohort, the students of Jalen Rose, and the community as we encourage leadership development!

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