Coming into the LAS program, I was blessed to be brought into a great line of mentors.  James Wilson, my immediate mentor, and Justin Sutherland, my grand-mentor, made my first year at a university incredibly easier.  Justin and James are both socialites, and introduced me to seemingly half of campus.  They helped me build a network of reliable and wonderful people.  Furthermore, they have given me tons of advice and tips to other aspects of life, as well.  Both Justin and James have sat me down and helped me think critically, challenged me to define my own morals, and guided me to success on countless occasions.  In addition, Aaron Sheich and Amber Harchuk are even further up the family tree. They have made terrific efforts at helping me find success in college, even though at a distance!  Aaron was pretty busy with senior year business and graduation preparation, and Amber has graduated and works our of state. They have helped me grow into the person I am today, and I am incredibly grateful to be in this family tree, self titled: The Haus of Gügenheim.

I am no longer JUST the mentee of this family, though.  The Haus of Gügenheim is prepared and incredibly excited to welcome our newest addition, Jesse, into our family.  I will be his direct mentor, and James, Justin, Aaron, and Amber will be his greats.  Combining what I learned on my own with what Justin and James taught me, I think I will be capable of passing on useful tips to Jesse!   I want to be able help Jesse find his own direction, and let him know that I’m in full support of his decisions along the way.  I am really looking forward to welcoming him into this awesome family tree as well as getting to know him!

Welcome to LAS and CMU, Jesse!


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