Mission: Transition 

Last fall, during my first semester at CMU, I participated in the Alpha Leadership Experience.  The following semester, I volunteered with the program as a facilitator (which, as it appears, is an experience I did not blog about…. oops.) Alpha has been a part of my schedule each semester so far, and it’s looking to stay that way  At the beginning of the semester, I was brought on to be a co-coordinator of the program.  In this role, I worked with Jenn Drum and Caroline Powers, two upperclassmen who have been role models to me since my first days on campus.  They were both Alpha coordinators before, but they both graduate this May, and the program would need a new coordinator in the fall.  For this reason, I understudied and collaborated with these two to pull off one of the most successful semesters of Alpha of which I’ve been a part.

From selecting and preparing facilitators to managing supplies and agendas, coordinating was an entirely different role for me.  I have become familiar with and comfortable with being the facilitator, so transitioning into more of a behind-the-scenes and strategic role took time.  I learned, though, that I fit this program’s coordination whether well, because strategic is one of my strengths.  Plus, Jenn and Caroline did an awesome job at making sure all of my questions were answered even before I could ask them.  Mission accomplished: I feel prepared to take on the Fall semester.  I feel aware and capable of the processes behind Alpha and my role in it.  Really, I’m just looking forward to the next session, because i’m so sad that it’s over!

If you’re an incoming or transfer student, Alpha is a perfect way to network with involved people on campus. If you’re an upperclassman who wants to refine their understanding of leadership or needs connections to student organizations, Alpha would be an awesome tool for that!  It’s a free, five week program through CMU’s Leadership Institute that works to build better leaders on campus and in our community.  If you’re interested in participating, or want more information, click here.

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