Substitute Fun for Fame

“What makes Chance interesting—or at least what makes him especially interesting—are the moves he has chosen to make in the months since those dominos began to fall, and the moves he has chosen not to make. He’s remained oddly noncommittal about his future after Acid Rap. No announcing a million-dollar, major-label deal. No self-righteous, keep-it-indie counter-announcement about rejecting those deals either. And, much to the devastation of his still-budding fan base, not even the slightest hint of a new solo full-length.”

The Fader


I started listening to Chance the Rapper’s music sometime earlier this year, and initially, I didn’t think too much of it. I heard it mostly when my friends were playing their music, it was never my choice. Until about a week ago, I was up north at a cabin with a bunch people I didn’t know albeit, maybe three or four friends from school; nevertheless, i’ve learned it’s impossible to feel uncomfortable in Northern Michigan. It’s your typical college party, complete with about twenty people, blaring music and blinding lazer-lights, people dancing, and to really bring it altogether, a group is huddled around either side of a game of pong in the kitchen. College looks like this a lot. I end up on the border of it all, talking with one of the few people I actually know here. We somehow get on the topic of music, and he recommended I take a listen to “Surf,” by Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment. He is a music student and has had a passion for music since pretty much forever, so I trust his suggestions. When he swore to me that this album would be getting award-attention, I demanded to hear it. So, he, I, and another friend of ours stepped outside to chill in his truck and listen to this “Surf,” business. He tried to explain why it would be appreciated, noting that it was a group performing a lot of spoken word poetry/rap over a full band.  It’s interesting. The first song of the album is building up as he’s explaining all of this, but then I recognize the voice. If you’ve listened to him before, you’d know Chance’s voice is incredibly unique. As I’m about to ask, he says “And yes, it’s Chance the Rapper. This is what he’s doing with his career.”

So naturally, I obsess over the album in its entirety for the next handful of weeks. I dig further back, end up listening to all three mix tapes by Chance the Rapper, and reading most every article ever written about him and the Social Experiment.  The music is incredible; and, it’s free. All of the music is made available for download on Soundcloud. You can download every Chance song right at no charge.  So like, you don’t have an excuse to not listen to it.

The story of a hopeful kid from Chicago is told over the first two releases, “10 Day” and “Acid Rap.”  The group’s release, which debuted this past May, is more of a collaboration of friends kind of celebrating life’s ups and downs.

And that! there! that is the most interesting part. You can read about it more in the article on Fader, but here it is simply: Chance the Rapper, after two hugely successful independent mixtapes, becomes more than just an up-an-coming artist, but an established one. And after incredible collaboration pieces, countless label offers, Chance releases a third album, but credits “Surf” to Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, of which he is just a member.

I love this story. So much. It goes along with my Leadership Philosophy so well:


Where you are.

What you do.

and Those who love you.

Chance the Rapper was on track to becoming a single-name celebrity. He instead brought on his best friends and still distributes his music, for free. Chance is following some other kind of leadership model that emphasizes doing what you love with those that love you for the sole reason that you love every bit of it.  He loves making music. He loves his friends. He’s a mad genius.

Please, check out the Fader article for more information. It really is an interesting story.

Here is all of his music: Chance Raps

Here’s the Fader article again (for those lazy to scroll up): The Fader

Warning: a lot of this music will cause you to feel nauseatingly happy.

Really though, read into the story, too. He’s all about doing what he loves and having a good time.

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