Treat Yo Self

So the fall semester is finally under way.  I have returned back to the Resident Assistant position in Kulhavi Hall, serving Transfer students from all over the country as they begin their career’s here at CMU.  Furthermore, I am still an engineering student, still a program coordinator, still in a fraternity, and still a TechOps expert.  So after weeks of RA staff training, the semester began, and I was already feeling a little overwhelmed. Not by my obligations.  Notice, the word “still” was used quite repetitively, so theose are all things I’m used to and love enough to continue doing.  Moreso by the changes in my environment.  I have a new roommate, my friends are going in different directions, and what felt like close is now feeling so far away.  What a melodramatic feeling to have, but a feeling nonetheless.  Additionally, it;s Labor Day Weekend, which means EVERYONE left CMU to visit their homes.  So now everuthing and everyone really is FAR away from me.  Luckily, I thought was so extreme turned out not to be. Obviously Mount Pleasant’s population did not dwindle to 1, it just felt like it.. Until a group of friends I dramatically figured weren’t here suggested we kayak the Chippewa River.  Claire

YES.  What an idea.  I’m cleaning my room, mind-numbingly so, when this idea finds me. I jump on it, because how fun does kayaking sound in comparison to anything, let alone cleaning? After a few phone calls and a quick breakfast, Claire, Becky, Liza and I are headed to Buckley’s Canoe rental.  On our way their, Claire is talking about how she wants to cross Paddle-Boarding off her Bucket list, so she’ll be doing that instead of kayaking.  I’ve never done it either, but I’m sold, because I’ve seen pictures and think it might be cool to do.

Now, they aren’t paying me to say this, but if you ever find yourself in the Mount Pleasant area and want to canoe/kayak/paddle board, Buckley’s is the place to go.  The people who rented us our equipment were so nice and familiar with departments on CMU’s campus and different programs, that it felt like we were doing something we’ve done a million times before.  They even greeted us and took that group picture for us before we even started talking about what we planned to do that day.  Oh, and the prices were incredible.  Like, I’d go next weekend if I had the time, because you truly get more than your money’s worth.

Any how, Claire and I got paddle boards while Becky and Liza hopped into their kayaks.  Paddle boarding is such a strange thing.  It’s pretty liberating, because you can stand, sit, lay, whatever you want really. And it is not hard at all.  Claire and I both got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Aside from getting stuck on maybe two or three rocks, we glided across the river with ease.

The day was perfect.  It was sunny, warm, away from college business, and exactly what I needed to treat myself.

During RA Staff Training, I participated in a presentation on “treating yourself.”  The concept is simple: we do a lot of work as RAMA staff that requires us to give up our time and resources for others; therefore, we need to consciously treat ourselves sometimes, or else we’ll forget to.  And that’s exactly what this trip was for me.  I got to spend all day doing something I have never done before in perfect weather with perfectly positive people. Alliteration man, alliteration.

It was as relaxing as it was physically demanding. And it was so fun.

So thank you Claire, Becky, Liza, and the people at Buckley’s, for giving me a day to forget about the minor discomforts in life, and instead, focus on soaking in the sun.


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