Building Community

Central’s campus is packed with 22 residence halls, each with its own self-governing Hall Council. Advised by the Residence Hall directors, these organizations are composed of students that live in the building. Hall Councils work primarily toward enriching the community of the buildings they live in, but also meet to communicate campus events and share learning experiences. I have been a part of Kulhavi Hall Council for the past for the past three years, but this past year has been the most invested and cooperative I’ve seen the council be.

This year’s e-board consisted of motivated students that worked together to host awesome events. Their “Know Your Neighbor” program, in which they had teams from each floor compete to answer questions about each other, was easily their most successful program. Think The Dating Game but in a florescent-lit classroom. By the end of the year, they worked together to submit and achieve “5-Star Community” status. This is not an easy feat; they truly worked hard to make that happen.

My role as an RA at Hall Council is easy. I act primarily to advertise Hall Council to my floor and to collaborate with the e-board to put on theirs, our staff’s, and my own programs. Each year of Hall Council has been vastly different than the year before it. This final year has been a great way to end my Hall Council experience, as it was the most effective group of Kulhavi Hall Leaders I have seen together. Many of them are continuing their involvement in the Halls, either remaining committed to Hall Council, or as newly hired RA’s! I am grateful for sharing this experience with them, as the leadership they demonstrated was truly commendable.

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