RA Year 3

I can say with a high degree of certainty that in the future, I will never be able to dissociate my memories of college from my memories of being an RA in Kulhavi Hall.  I have lived and served as the third floor’s RA for the past six semesters. In RA measurements, that’s roughly ninety staff meetings, thirty-six bulletin boards, or 120 residents.


Being an RA is something I wanted to do even before getting to college.  I applied during my freshmen year and went through the process before I was picked up as an RA for the following school year. Flash forward, I am packing my room up for the last time in three years, never to return as a resident of the floor.


The job calls for a lot of maturity and balance.  I could barely stand the stress that comes with it during my first year.  I’m glad I learned how to manage, because ever since those darker days, I have felt the rewards of this job through and through. Whether it be a successful program with Hall Council, late night chats with Dyese and Candy (other RA’s and MA’s from my last year on staff) or simply hanging out with the residents of the floor, turns out being placed in this role has given me some of the most rewarding opportunities and meaningful relationships.

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