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In less than a month, I’ll be getting on a plane to fly off to Karlsruhe, Germany, where I will study at the Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie until next July.  So yeah, I’m sorta freaking out a bit.  Of course, I feel a surge of excitement and anticipation as each day ticks away. A year ago, I was only just beginning my application for the VDAC, the German/American Exchange that is making my trip possible. This program partners with a handful of universities in both the US and Germany and exchanges three students each per partner University each year.  I was accepted in September as a candidate for the program.  From there, I was asked to apply to my top preferred partner universities in Germany.   I landed at my number 2 choice at Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie.

Prepping for this kind of a transition is hard to explain because it’s hard to do.  Each day I catch my mind running wild with thoughts, mostly typical study-abroad concerns, such as “do I have the right charging ports for my electronics,” to “where the heck is my school in relation to my apartment?” Being someone who has never lived completely on my own before, let alone in a foreign country, I’m certain I’m only scratching the surface of concerns.

While there, I will be finishing my undergraduate studies in both Mathematics and German Language.  KIT has a history that spans just under two centuries.  It’s known to graduate physicists, engineers, computer scientists, architects, logicians, mathematicians, statisticians, and more of the like.  I feel incredibly honored to be given the opportunity to finish my undergraduate work at this university.

I am nervous, I am anxious, but truly and more than anything, I am ready to get there.  I look forward to keeping this page updated with my experience abroad. Please feel free to reach out for more personal updates. If you have questions about the German program at CMU and the possibilities it could afford you, hit me up!


Until next time,



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