David Gerald

References logic, follows heart.

I’m David Walter, 22 Years old, and yes, that’s my smiling mug plastered across this screen. Let me just say, you being here is an honor, as I hope it means that somewhere along the line, my trains-of-thought have resonated with you.  Each time I click “publish,” my intention differs.  The themes you’ll find on here are about as sundry as it can get (From Mathematics to Social Justice, Veganism to Family Matters, occasionally a piece on What Kanye Ate for Breakfast). I just hope you find them to be intriguing, meaningful, or, in the least, entertaining.

I have friends that post cool things, too:


I’m always down to learn more, and if there is anything you wish I would consider, entertain, or address, Please reach out!

Or, data-mine me (but have mercy on the awkward middle school ages):

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Shouts out to:

Steven Hawking, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Isaac Newton, Alexander and Wilhelm Von Humboldt, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Alexander, Chance the Rapper, Bill Nye, My Parents, My Friends, and countless others.

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