The College of Science & Technology at Central Michigan University focusing in Mathematics and learning Leadership and German Language.


Credits Received from AP Courses in High School

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Calculus



  • Calculus II (MTH 133)
  • Calculus III (MTH 233)
  • Discrete Mathematics (MTH 175)
  • Differential Equations (MTH 232)
  • Matrix Theory (MTH 233)
  • Mathematical Proofs (MTH 332)
  • Capstone in Mathematics (MTH 499)
  • Abstract Algebra (MTH 523)
  • Point-Set Topology (MTH 545)
  • Ethnomathematics (MTH 595)
  • Statistics and Probability for Engineers (STA 392)


Computer Engineering:

  • Introduction to Engineering (EGR 120)
  • Digital Circuits and Computer Logic (EGR 190QR)
  • Introduction to Computer Programming (CPS 180)
  • Chemistry (CHM 131)
  • Engineering Statics (EGR 251)



  • Introduction to Debate (COM 267L)
  • The American Experience  (HST 110L)
  • American Government and Politics (PSC 105L)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100L)
  • Introduction to Leadership (LDR 200)
  • Oppression: Roots and Impact (HDF 11)
  • Philosophy of Morality  (PHL 118L)
  • Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)



  • Elementary German II: Language and Culture (GER 102)
  • Intermediate German I: Language, Culture, and Literature (GER 201)
  • Intermediate German II: Language, Culture, and Literature (GER 202)
  • Advanced German I: Composition (GER 311)
  • Advanced German II: Composition (GER 312)
  • Literature Translations (GER 325)


Engineering students at Central Michigan University are assigned to build a boat out of cardboard in the introductory class. My group crafted the sturdy and loyal, “Shippewas.” Two of my teammates and I boarded our ship and paddled the length of both Rose Ponds, earning us an A for the project. The assignment tested our ability to creatively use supplies, limited to tape, liquid nails, and cardboard. Furthermore, it promoted practice with fluid dynamics, as we were instructed to test buoyancy forces and locate the center of gravity on our boat.

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