Spark Expanded

  For the past three semesters, I have been blessed to coordinate the Spark Leadership Series at CMU. Over the summer, Natalie, another one of the coordinators, and I collaborated with the LI Staff to revisit the the Alpha Leadership program’s curriculum and projected learning outcomes in hopes to create a more challenging and intensive but still baseline […]

Show You Care

As John Bacon, introduced himself, including all of his accolades, comrades, and more, I felt a sudden and utter gratitude: how could a such an impressive man with this much success be standing in my classroom?  Honestly, I was more overwhelmed by his presence than his message. Bacon described a four-pillar process to finding success in […]


Through the Leadership Institute, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Special Olympics to help spread awareness. The “R” word, or “retard” is used far too profanely in today’s society.  By setting up in the University Center, the LI helped gather signature on countless banners of people who would pledge to eliminate this word from […]

Seth Godin’s “Your Relationship with the Future.”

Pioneer of Squidoo and New York Times best selling author, Seth Godin blogs regularly to update his followers on philosophical and leadership-esque insights.  After exploring his blog, I came across his post, titled “Your Relationship with the Future.” In college, all anyone ever talks about is the future.  What do you want to do with your life? […]


Apple has made remarkable strides over the past century. Starting in the shadow of other computer companies, today’s Apple has busted through the marketshare with it’s computers, tablets, phones, and media-players.  A lot of Apple’s success stems undeniably from the corporations CEO, Steve Jobs. An icon, a genius, a leader, Jobs always strived for the […]