Experiences and Involvements


Residence Life Technology Operations Expert

Basically, I help people who don’t speak Computer.  If their technology is kaputt, I will come.  My team and I manage the all of the hard and software used by University professionals and also are the first contact for those in offices who need desktop support.

Kulhavi Hall Third Floor’s Resident Assistant

I baby-sit/love a floor of fifty transfer students, helping them with their day-to-day college meltdowns and celebrating their successes. I program with my staff of 6 to promote community in a building housing 250 new-to-campus students.  CMU’s Office of Residence Life follows a Residential Curriculum that encourages all on-campus students to grow in their identity, relationships, culutral awareness, and more.

Spark Leadership Coordinator

Amanda, Jordyn and I hire a team of facilitators each semester, train them how to effectively facilitate leadership concepts based in theory, work together, and to welcome new members of our office, as Spark truly serves as the LI’s introductory program. I also work with our directors to develop curriculum and evolve our program to better equip tomorrow’s leaders.

Michigan’s College Volunteer Facilitator Corps

Network with students across the country to model and practice modern leadership theory. I work alongside the brightest people to provide high and middle school students the opportunity to activate their passions. As a statewide organization, we have done local volunteer work each year, as well.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

It’s a family affair, and I am proudly a part of it. I have served the Fraternity in a multitude of capacities, ranging from committee member to the executive board.  As Member Educator, I worked to ensure that each of our members is continuously growing and developing themselves based on a values-based curriculum organized by our National Consultants.

Global Brigades: Water and Engineering

We’re currently fundraising, but we work to send students to countries in need of support. These skilled students are asked to use their expertise to help better the communities to which they are sent.  The GB: Engineering typically helps build water systems, wherever they go.


Conferences and Development

  • Leadershape Graduate Spring 2014
  • Connections Leadership Conference
  • Alpha Leadership Participant
  • Leadership Safari Participant


cropped-1660377_10201380221579674_467407937_n.jpgScreen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.41.41 PMIMG_0569IMG_1329




High School Leadership Experiences

  1. Student Body President
  2. Varsity Boy’s Cross Country Captain
  3. Michigan Association of Student Council’s State Board of Delegates Representative
  4. Leadership Council
  5. National Honor Society
  6. Mu Alpha Theta Math Tutor
  7. Link Crew Freshman Ambassador Program
  8. MASC/MAHS Leadership Development Camp (3x participant)


Student Council opened many doors for leadership opportunities. I took positions starting my sophomore year, initially as class president, then student body vice president, and finally student body presiden. As conclusion to my final term, I delivered a speech at graduation.

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