Leader Advancement Scholarship

Leadership Minor:

  • Introduction to Debate (COM 267L)
  • The American Experience  (HST 110L)
  • American Government and Politics (PSC 105L)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100L)
  • Introduction to Leadership (LDR 200)
  • Oppression: Roots and Impact (HDF 11)
  • Philosophy of Morality  (PHL 118L)
  • Communication in Leadership (COM 461L)
  • Capstone Leadership Project (LDR 402)


The Leadership Advancement Scholarship (LAS) at CMU shaped my entire college experience.  Even before I set foot on campus, I was paired with an upper classman mentor who helped me feel prepared for college and the scholarship program.  WIth LAS, I took classes like Psychology, Debate, Government, and more, all with 30 other scholarship students.  We observed these topics through a leadership-esque lens, and applied their lessons to modern leadership theory.  We also lived together for the first year in Barnes Hall, and spent every following year wishing we could all move back in together.

To maintain the scholarship, I was required to complete the necessary coursework, assume the role of mentor for an incoming freshman, be actively a part of two student organizations on campus, hold leadership positions in each by my junior and senior years, serve on an academic senate or university committee, attend certain LI events, serve as a member of a internal committee for the LI, as well as document it all here on this blog.

Being an LAS Scholar was the most rewarding four years of my life.  This program introduces you to a network of driven individuals with varying passions.  It aids its students by creating a family atmosphere.  The office and director staff are consistently there to support its students, and get them connected with resources on campus that will enable them to make an impact on campus. I will always be grateful for my experience with the LI.  My life is better because of all of you.



For more information on the scholarship and how to apply, click here!

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