Treat Yo Self

So the fall semester is finally under way. ¬†I have returned back to the Resident Assistant position in Kulhavi Hall, serving Transfer students from all over the country as they begin their career’s here at CMU. ¬†Furthermore, I am still an engineering student, still a program coordinator, still in a fraternity, and still a TechOps […]

Charleston: The Media’s Race to Bury the Topic of Race.

Don’t roll your just¬†eyes yet. I know, i’m just another kid voicing his opinion on the internet about the events that happened in Charleston, South Carolina. I get it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,¬†please crawl out from that rock you’ve been living underneath. Or do a google search. I’d provide a link, […]

Substitute Fun for Fame

The FADER is a New York-based music magazine launched in 1999 by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen. The FADER documents a range of emerging music, style and culture. Their issues give insight on up-and-coming artists in the music industry, and for the most part are really intriguing to read. Check them out.

Sustainable Technologies

This entry¬†is in response to an Article by Vivek Wadhwa for the American Society of Engineering Education’s Publication “PRISM.” Innovation is the product of creativity, strategy, and forward thinking. ¬†With an abundance of innovative technology, the future seems to be coming at us exponentially faster; and the predictions are incredible. ¬†This article¬†by Vivek Wadhwa outlines […]

Mission: Transition 

Last fall, during my first semester at CMU, I participated in the¬†Alpha Leadership Experience. ¬†The following semester, I volunteered with the program as a facilitator (which, as it appears, is an experience I did not blog about…. oops.) Alpha has been a part of my schedule each semester so far, and it’s looking to stay […]