Treat Yo Self

So the fall semester is finally under way.  I have returned back to the Resident Assistant position in Kulhavi Hall, serving Transfer students from all over the country as they begin their career’s here at CMU.  Furthermore, I am still an engineering student, still a program coordinator, still in a fraternity, and still a TechOps […]

Charleston: The Media’s Race to Bury the Topic of Race.

Don’t roll your just eyes yet. I know, i’m just another kid voicing his opinion on the internet about the events that happened in Charleston, South Carolina. I get it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please crawl out from that rock you’ve been living underneath. Or do a google search. I’d provide a link, […]

Substitute Fun for Fame

The FADER is a New York-based music magazine launched in 1999 by Rob Stone and Jon Cohen. The FADER documents a range of emerging music, style and culture. Their issues give insight on up-and-coming artists in the music industry, and for the most part are really intriguing to read. Check them out.

Sustainable Technologies

This entry is in response to an Article by Vivek Wadhwa for the American Society of Engineering Education’s Publication “PRISM.” Innovation is the product of creativity, strategy, and forward thinking.  With an abundance of innovative technology, the future seems to be coming at us exponentially faster; and the predictions are incredible.  This article by Vivek Wadhwa outlines […]

Mission: Transition 

Last fall, during my first semester at CMU, I participated in the Alpha Leadership Experience.  The following semester, I volunteered with the program as a facilitator (which, as it appears, is an experience I did not blog about…. oops.) Alpha has been a part of my schedule each semester so far, and it’s looking to stay […]