The Leaders of Tomorrow

In the Winter of 2013, I had submitted my application for the Leadership Advancement Scholarship at CMU.  Two weeks later I was one of 80 other students invited to compete for a spot in the 2013 cohort.  I came to campus on a gray winter day, took a tour of campus for the first time, […]

Spark Expanded

  For the past three semesters, I have been blessed to coordinate the Spark Leadership Series at CMU. Over the summer, Natalie, another one of the coordinators, and I collaborated with the LI Staff to revisit the the Alpha Leadership program’s curriculum and projected learning outcomes in hopes to create a more challenging and intensive but still baseline […]

Believe and Be Grateful

The air was crisp when we boarded the school buses Saturday morning.  Nostalgia consumed my thoughts and feelings: fall, yellow school buses, field trips, being overly tired- it felt too familiar.  Everyone was exhausted at the hour we climbed onto those buses, but I could still feel the excitement.  Being a freshman, my expectations for […]